Looking to change your hair colour?

For semi-permanent and permanent hair colour get in
touch with one of our colour experts today.
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Want to add some colour to your hair?

If you are tired of your current hair colour or just fancy a bit of a change we can provide expert advice and colouring
As colour specialists we are able to help you with finding the perfect colour to suit your needs. Just call us today to enquire about our bespoke hair colouring service.
Our colour specialists can offer you:
    • Permanent colour
    • Semi permanent colour
    • Bepoke colouring
    • Colour blending
    • High-lights and low-lights
    • Cream hair colour
    • Ombre
    • Balyage
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      For quality hair colour from the hair colouring specialists call us now on
      0191 510 9483 / 0191 510 2310
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